3 traits I’m looking for when hiring new agents
Soft skills are not everything however I believe that they do make up the bulk of what our clients come to know and appreciate about us as executive protection agents. It’s not that hard skills are not important because the job depends on them, our integrity depends on them and lives depend on them. You simply must be able to deliver when it comes to the hard skills otherwise you are the most dishonorable type of protection agent among us…

Conversely however, the soft skills of personal pride, integrity and emotional intelligence are things I believe really help agents last in this game. I can teach you tactics, most of the time you will come to the company with some type of training or career that proves invalidates a certain level of efficacy with regards to protecting human beings. Character however comes at a cost that is too high a price for someone to pay while working for my company or representing my brand.

The truth is that tough guys are a dime a dozen and tacticians are relatively easy to find but human beings with good character are much more scarce and therefore much more valuable. The tactics will be learned on the job or through your company but being trustworthy, professional, dependable, and reliable and having the emotional and social intelligence to navigate the executive protection world is what truly sets agents apart.

I’ve outlasted and regretted working with many individuals who were much more tactically proficient than I was. I watched guys burn because they did not possess enough emotional and social intelligence to know what they simply should or shouldn’t say and when… Good guys in fact! I’ve seen many special guys who were way more physically fit, tactically sound, who’d been through more deployments, had more rank and had careers I have only dreamed of, fall in this game because they were lacking the internal development and gears that are required to survive the emotional and social sides of executive protection.

In this video Luke Agajanian (A 10+ year veteran, Security Director/Detail leader that I have worked with all over the world) and I present our thoughts on this matter, Enjoy!

One mind – many weapons

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