One day when they come for my body I want it to be spent. I want my body to tell the tale of a life that was lived greatly, a life that was live courageously and a life that was lived in service. I want them to see the scars from Battles won and lost, the damage done from accidents unforeseen to but survived, the tattoos and symbols of my values as I’ve matured through the years. I want my corpse to embody the essence of a life lived to the fullest even though it is no longer the place that I will dwell.
This is the only life we know for sure we will get to live. This is the only human experience any of us are aware or sure of. This is the only planet with the perfect synergistic balance of billions of different lifeforms working synergistically just support human life that we are aware of. We are the only sentiment beings with self-awareness and a level of consciousness that allows us to operate on higher and higher levels than we ever imagined. Every day we get to do this stuff is beyond beautiful, every moment we get to live our waking lives is simply priceless and the fact that it’s all just a gift simply blows me away. Simply just to sit and soak up the reality of this reality is too awesome for me and almost soul crushing. I see Providence, I see Grace, I see beauty and I live life in deep wonder and amazement at the gift that’s been given to mankind. There is so much more to reality than meets the eye if you look deeply but if you remain unconscious you’ll miss everything and that is the greatest tragedy of reality. Undeniable Grace.
One mind many weapons

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