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Byron Rodgers

Byron Rodgers

Do you ever feel that your life was supposed to be different … that there are two versions of you, one that IS … and one that SHOULD HAVE BEEN?

Byron Rodgers can show you how to transition from what IS to what SHOULD BE for you and your life’s path. You already inherently know that your life can be different. Byron Rodgers helps you pull that inner knowing to the surface to create the future you absolutely want.

Called an “Empowerment Strategist” by many, Byron Rodgers specializes in empowerment strategies that help you make the transition from living an unfulfilling life (“Is this really all there is?”) to a truly fulfilling life of purpose, passion and destiny.

Through his Meaning After The Military Book and Process, One-on-one Empowerment Strategy Sessions and live speaking events, Byron Rodgers raises people’s level of consciousness and assists them in developing a simple but highly effective plan and daily regimen to begin deliberately constructing their own path of life success.

Born in the Bahamas and raised as a U.S. citizen, Byron volunteered as a young man for 4 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and two tours of duty in Iraq. It was here, surrounded in combative and life-threatening situations that Byron first forged many of the intellectual constructs, techniques and tactics that not only provided emotional and mental durability but helped him step above it all to create the life of his dreams, even in the barren landscape of Iraq.

From the Marines, Byron embarked on another five years in executive protection services, traveling to more than 60 countries and experiencing all walks of life and culture. From the desolate deserts of combat to some of the richest and most beautiful places on the planet, Byron Rodgers further forged his life experiences and lessons into a concise strategy of empowerment and self-creation that the world now benefits from.

As a certified Strategic Interventionist in the field of Human Needs Psychology under Tony Robbins and Chloe madonnas Training Center, Byron has been very ambitious. First publishing the book and educational series, “Meaning After The Military,” Byron Rodgers provided a formula to help Service-connected veterans and military personnel – no matter what their story or history – to transmute his or her life situation from drudgery or mundane existence to a purposeful experience of daily amazing unfolding.

Byron’s “formula” has quickly traveled and expanded to bigger coaching and speaking platforms, and people around the globe continue to shift and transform their lives on a daily basis because of Byron’s influence and energetic teaching methods.

“I help people find purpose so that they may enjoy more fulfillment in life.”

–Byron Rodgers