I love to bring up the average.
I aim to crush the status quo.
I try to make every single culture segment that I belong to look better, feel better and be better simply because I’m a part of it. The goal is to do the best I can, give the best I can and be the best I can while becoming the best I can ever be.
Could you imagine a world where everyone is aiming to do this?
I aim to live a life of contribution because I believe it is the most genuine way to acquire respect and to deserve the position you get it life. The best way to get more in life is to become a person who deserves more in life.
You are where you are right now based on the decisions you’ve made and you are receiving what you are receiving right now in direct proportion to your contributions to the world. You have an intrinsic value but the only value the world knows about you is based on what you contribute…

What you bring to the table. Most people don’t give enough to show the world much of their value at all and usually it is insecurities that stop them because they’re afraid that the world won’t receive them favorably… And they are correct because it takes time and process to develop skill, more value and accuracy that the world can recognize with regards to your gift. However if you do not go, they will never realize who you are and you will never know for sure.
The more you contribute, the more you are able to contribute because you’re developing a set of muscles and skills; the more you can contribute, the more valuable you become the stronger and more skilled you are as a result of the process.
You will always be compensated in direct proportion to your contribution. This is why contribution is one of my highest values. When you live this way everyone wins.
One mind many weapons -Byron

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