In many different ways, forms and types of combat I believe it is extremely important to learn how to think like your enemy.
In social engagements as well as combat engagements people miss each other because they fail to see things from their opponents perspective.

Your opponents perspective is one of the most important components to the engagement. Their thoughts, reasons, and strategies may even be more important than your own because yours is only good relative to their’s and their opinion is how you arrive at a higher truth you hadn’t previously known.

Life-changing wisdom comes from what you do not know.

Understanding your opponent’s thoughts, intentions, deliberations and reasons for doing things, is how you can learn how to deconstruct his efforts and disarm him in a number of ways before the altercation picks up momentum.

You can defeat an adversary by giving them what they want in one area or by disabling their motivation in another just so you don’t have to crush them. Remember that those who are truly strong avoid Combat because they know they will probably win and they understand the cost of that. Before the fighting ever starts always assess yourself through the eyes of your enemy

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