If there’s one thing I’ve seen eliminate more EP agents over the years than anything else, I’d have to say it is “FaceTime.” Everybody wants to be the guy out front, the guy with the client, the guy in the limelight.… Little do they know that this is the fastest way to get knocked out of the game. Never compete for the spotlight, those who do eventually and inevitably fall on their own swords. 
When you are hot, you are hot but when you’re not you’re not. When you find favor with the King it may feel like you can do no wrong, this is not reality. The more exposure you have to the client the higher probability there is for imperfection to be noticed. Maintain A layer of mystery, a mystique of perfection that can only be cultivated through dynamic and limited exposure shrouded in friendly, professionalism. Love and serve your client by being a professional in doing this you will be loving and serving yourself. Protect and contribute to your team always and in doing this you will be protecting and contributing to your own lifeline. Do not be too professional, do not be too friendly, do not be too relaxed, do not be too serious but be exactly what the occasion requires… This requires the marriage of feeling, instinct and intellect; only a well-rounded, well developed and highly conscious individual can do this…
You may be the flavor of the month now but life and this reality is based on seasons. Just as the world turns, so shall your relationship with your client as it matures. Do not lose rapport with the team while you are in a position of power. Because when you inevitably stumble and your head is on the chopping block, you don’t want it to be in the best interest of the team to pull the lever. On that day you will be saved or disposed of simply by your character and your equity within the team. 
If you find favor in the clients eyes be careful to maintain your humility at all costs because if you don’t, that mountaintop can turn into a valley in the twinkling of an eye. Familiarity does breed contempt if professionalism is not maintained… This requires much discipline and maturity. 
A good security professional should consider all of these things very carefully. In the end if you can chase in your ego and manage your pride you may avoid these pitfalls, tripwires and landmines. 

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