Here are some of the quotes from this power-packed video :

Your next action is God’s trigger, what you do next is going to trigger providence, and progress. The next thing that you do is going to trigger all the different systems in your life to work together for your good.

Your next action is going to trigger a chain reaction of providence, of moving closer to your purpose by giving you the opportunity to step into circumstances that’s going to make you better

Sometimes you WIN, sometimes you LEARN

Where the heck do you lean what you’re capable of, other than the struggle?

That is what you have to do, to get the secret sauce to build the internal gears that will get you out of the rug on a monday morning

The difficult thing in order to get to your purpose is that you have to create around those purpose rituals that will get you there

A standard is something that is in your identity. It is not just something you want, it is a rock bottom

All of a sudden what you want becomes a must, and that’s when people really change because you don’t get what you want in your life, you get what you have to have

The only way to get what you really want to create is to have standards, and then create rituals around those standards and those are the daily actions that you carry out on a daily basis

People out there are looking out of themselves to find something else that they can blame, something else that they can put the pressure on

The reality is you’re a human being not a human doing because what you’re doing is what you’re becoming and this whole thing is about who you BECOME

When you place the burden of responsibility of something outside of yourself, it is because you don’t believe that you don’t have what it takes

You’re giving yourself this message that you’re not good enough or you don’t have what it takes and you’re not able to become that person

You’re trapped in this loop of perception where you’re trying to where you’re blaming something else for your progress of your results or looking at something else for your salvation in your progress

What you have right now is all you truly need, because by the grace of God, you are going to get there

People don’t start because they try to see everything, they try to see the end from the beginning in the eye of their mind and it is impossible to perceive the journey inside of your mind

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