You can’t take people any farther than they are already prepared to go.

People can’t comprehend beyond their own development. 

Have you ever watched someone repeat their self-destructive parents and tried to give them the advice that could simply change their life only they could grasp and implement it?

Notice that no matter how many times you explain to them the right answer, they simply repeat their damaging decisions? It’s simply because they have not learned their lesson yet. There’s nothing you can say or do generally to supercharge this process. Simply give them the information and try to reconcile yourself to loving them where they are at in their development. This is a very difficult thing but what’s even more difficult is trying to force someone to grow externally because you will be focusing on variables that you have no true power over and that can foster feeling powerlessness. Feelings of powerlessness lead to depression but at a minimum will lower overall vibrational frequency and decrease the overall enjoyment of your life. Understand that you were once ignorant as well and that the stage they are in and that you are also presently in is just another stage of ignorance in the cycles of OUR personal evolution together, 

One mind, many weapons.


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