Leave your feelings at home. The name of the game is productivity. Control what you can control, prioritize, execute, rinse and repeat. Emotions are like misbehaving children don’t let them dictate or influence your actions because 90% of the time they are coming from your simple “avoid pain and seek pleasure” weak, outdated animalistic nature. The game now is to allow your cerebral cortex and most sophisticated aspects of your brain to dominate your decisions because that faculty will help you be deliberate enough to attain the things you know you should be able to in this life by Gods grace. Feelings and emotions are two different things. Feelings are based on instinct and sensory information that is hard to articulate but can be its own type of wisdom. Emotions are just chemical responses based on meaning you are giving Life’s completely indifferent happenstances. You come up with these meanings relative to your past experiences, beliefs and generally outdated tools for navigating your world. They are usually outdated because most people learn the tools they use for the rest of their lives during their childhood and never become deliberate enough to evolve until they are forced to… and even then… So aim for wisdom and in all your getting get understanding because those things are truly priceless in upgrading your mind and thus your tools.
Test this theory: Progress equals happiness. 
This is why I find it most advantageous to save my emotions for after the job is done. All anything ever really is in this life and reality is an equation. 
One mind many weapons

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