⚫️Use what you already have available. 
Stop thinking about what you wish you had, what you wish you did or what you wish you could do. The only way for you to become more powerful and effective in your world during this life is to learn how to win with what you have right now. 
If you want more you have got a learn how to become more. If you want a higher-quality life then you must learn how to make higher quality decisions. The journey from here to there will be won or lost based on your ability to win with what you have right now. Be diligent, be a workman that need not be ashamed and be a good steward with what you have so that one day you can eat the fruit of your labor. In private security, you don’t always get to choose the equipment, you don’t always get to choose the place or the enemy but what you do get to choose as your strategy; and so the consummate security professional is constantly tightening up and evolving that strategy in real time. The best guys know how to use any and everything you give them to some advantage, be one of those guys. Flexibility his strength, use resilience to become unstoppable.
One mind many weapons
-Byron .
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