An important event happened this week in the world of Executive Protection. Lady Gaga’s dogs were kidnapped last week and the dog-walker was shot, he was taken to the hospital in unknown condition. What does this mean for Executive Protection professionals?

The reality of this game is simply that when you’re working with a client, you need to realize that you’re taking on the threat level they hired you to protect them from. So, keep in mind Operational Security and getting your life organized is really an important thing to do.

Also keep an eye out for the other service providers of your client such as lawnmowers, housemaids, dog-walkers as they can still be utilized to disrupt the security of the detail.

As EP professionals, we often experience mental strain, and friction while conducting various tasks and in those times don’t let complacency set in. Always remember that when you’re working with a client, you’re sharing the threat level as that of the client to some extent. Operational security is everything!

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