The goal was to help good people become more willing, capable and prepared to deal with danger during these tumultuous times. The mode and medium would simply be online instruction. The protector Symposium works off the premise that while we cannot turn you into a black belt within 48 hours; we can expose you to some of the world’s most elite trainers who can increase your personal protection IQ considerably within the span of a few hours of teaching. So far this has been extremely successful and has helped protectors of all backgrounds and walks of life become better at the basic need of protection. As we approached our second event the pandemic struck the world so we had to make a choice… Do we postpone or do we evolve and continue moving forward with our mission?

As you know we chose to take the live event online which was a gamble… Nonetheless the results were amazing!

⭕️1.0 we had about 250 protectors of all walks of life and background in one building.
⭕️2.0 Digital Global summit: 7 of the world’s elite protectors/Instructors we’re training 475 on day one.
⭕️ The feedback we got was amazing. Most people have no idea what they were in for and I genuinely believe at this point we over-delivered.
⭕️ The best part is that you can come join us and experience the live event in the comfort of your own home whenever you are ready to take your protection game to the next level!

👉Go to and let’s train NOW🙏👊💥

PROTECTOR by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

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