⚜️John Michael @fakeassoperator was definitely at the tip of the sphere and one of our top students in the class for one of the last iterations of our Hard Skills Intensive. He’s an extremely talented and intelligent veteran who will do some very amazing things in the private security industry. If you guys are looking for fresh talent and you’re putting a team together I highly recommend you find this young man.

This is a quick conversation about how our course impacted him, his life and his overall purpose. At the League what we do is not simply all about training but it’s also about brotherhood. The things you will walk away from this course with have so much more to do with character, and purpose in life than simply tactics on the range because those things are what drive us to success in all areas.

For my veterans out there transitioning into the first civilian division who have already made the transition but are still looking for a vocation they can bring their warrior spirit back to life, I highly recommend private security. It has been the answer for me and for so many other warriors to find an honorable place to serve.

For us this game is not about our clients, principals or stakeholders necessarily, the quality of the work we do and our ability to give our lives comes from an internal ethos that yours to be alive in all that we do. Some of you won’t understand what I’m saying but those of you who’ve been on the warrior path for any amount of time know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s an honor to serve in the way we do. I hope to train with all of you and I look forward to helping you achieve career success.

Once again I’m honored that John Michael spent this time with us, it was a great opportunity to see his capabilities and form a relationship that will be worth so much not only to us, the industry but also to humanity as we get down range. Much love and respect brother and thanks for sharing because I believe your story will inspire others as it has me as well.

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