Route 66 NRG Shooting Competition

It’s been over a month since my last competition so I was a bit rusty but not as bad as I expected to be. I’ve honestly been going stir crazy trying to find my way back on the range. This new location along with some new looking stage plans made this last competition...

I am a Professional Protector

I am a professional protector.I love it because protecting people is a part of who I am. What I think many people overlook and need to understand however is simply that we are all protectors or at least we should be.I protect people for money and while it is a noble...

Why you need to struggle?

Let me put it this way, does the wind get tired of blowing? Do the waves get tired of crashing on the seashore? Do the natural processes of this world get exhausted? Everything on this planet is driven by progress, and that requires a process. In order to create a...


SHOT SHOW 2020 was really an amazing event for the firearms industry guys that happens once per year. Being a part of this event was an incredible experience as one gets to see the cutting-edge guns and gears that are not even released yet. One of the most amazing...

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Use my code BYRON at checkout to get a discount!