šŸ”„As with most all great things shooting competitively or even shooting at a high-level is simply a journey you must go on. There is no shortcut to becoming amazing at anything, the only way is simply to put in the work. Iā€™ve been shooting competitively for a few years now and I can tell that my brain is getting better and better at processing information while utilizing a firearm.

I also see the reality that this is only happening because my brain has been given time and repetitions to help it become more and more familiar. The quality of your performance is going to be dictated by the quality of the software you are able to run relative to the task at hand. That software needs time to be developed and thatā€™s what the repetitions give us.

Beyond all of this, if you want a life-saving skill that you can fall back on when and if things do get crazy. Itā€™s going to have to be something youā€™re consistently training so that is deeply embedded and who you are. Otherwise, you will not be able to depend on it with the pressure is on.

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