We are being bombarded relentlessly as Americans with messages that do not align with our values. Frankly, this has been happening for decades and much of the chaos you’re seeing is the fruitage of a campaign that has been running against all of us since the 60s. Our way of life has been uprooted on some of the most sacred and deepest levels with the reeducation of our population in schools, colleges, popular culture, and the media… This generation has been raised to be entitled, defiant, unruly, not smart enough to critically evaluate facts, TV dependent, and emotionally unstable. The reality is that these Americans are innocent, they are just doing the best they can from where they are at to understand and navigate this new American culture. These are the Americans we must reach, we must touch and we must learn how to love to foster a better tomorrow. They have been wronged through the messaging they’ve grown up with and the deconstruction of a decent education system with values that would help them live strong meaningful lives, its been reconditioned out of them for a generation.

What is most dangerous to us all now and what is not American is the battle taking place for the soul of our country being waged by the globalists and their deep pockets and the American people who have been spun into confusion by a whirlwind of tactics that are only going to continue until the election. It is no secret that terrorist organizations are being funded and are being utilized to bring the violence and instability in America to an all-time high right now for us to tear the country apart from the inside out.

Evil has infiltrated both sides as they are being played against each other for the next chapters of this painful catastrophic saga.

The only remedy is for us to begin rejecting the divisiveness narrative. We must begin to work together to bring immediate on-scene accountability to anyone we see destroying our country. If you’re trying to peacefully protest and someone is engaging in criminal activity around you, stop them, overwhelm them, deal with them directly otherwise U2 are guilty of their crimes and your cause will lose legitimacy to their evil deeds. These people are vipers that are using your pain to bring power to their purpose. These same principles must be upheld in every demographic in our country. So law-enforcement, religious sects, cultures, creeds, and ethnic groups must all work together to ensure that we will have a safe and fruitful tomorrow. Otherwise, they will win and we will all end up in chains or worse. We are the last free nation in the world. Let’s not be the generation to lose what our forefathers have worked so hard not only to give us but also to maintain.

“We will either learn to live as brothers or die like fools“
-Martin Luther King

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