Do you think that people or circumstances make you feel a certain kind of way?

Once you feel sad, mad, depressed, lonely; does that emotion control you or can you change it on command?

Do you deliberately choose the way you’re going to feel or are your feelings simply the result of your circumstances and situations?

As you examine the answers to these questions assess your beliefs about where your personal power lies in relation to your emotions. If people make you feel a certain kind of way as a result of their actions than those people have power over you emotionally (you are a disempowered emotional victim). In those cases your emotional states are the result of external forces, which means that you have given your personal power to your environment and you are a suffering from an external locus of control. Your situation can play the strings of your motions like a puppet but only based on the rulebook of your beliefs. If you believe the situation warrants and justifies a specific emotional state, you genuinely believe that you have no choice but to fall into that emotional state. This is a psychologically weak and disempowered mindset and I want to help you change this so that your emotions are the result of your choosing and manufactured by you in order to bring you power.

Your emotions are the result of your heartfelt beliefs, perceptions, perspective and mental map of reality. A map that in most cases was forged during your childhood in a completely different environment than you live in today. The tools you used to use may have once been appropriate but the key is to upgrade your tools consistently with your new environments and maturity. Your emotions are nothing more than chemical compositions that are the result of your mind and body working together to get you in motion, to help you gain control of your circumstances and to help you gain a sense of homeostasis within your environment. When you were young you learned to cry when you needed something, got frustrated or her because when you did that, all of a sudden warm loving hands would appear out of nowhere and feed you or solve your problem. Or maybe you learned that anger can protect you and help you solve your problems because yelling at your parents caused them to give you what you wanted and fighting on the playground never worked out badly enough for you to reframe a habitual response of violence. Maybe violence kept you alive in combat… But if all you have is a hammer to solve your problems than everything else starts looking a little bit more like a nail.

The truth is simply that you cannot only change your emotions but you can manufacture any specific emotion you want on command. It is a heavily studied, empirically validated scientific fact that you manufacture your emotions. It has been said that no motion can survive more than 13 minutes without the individual holding the emotion and nurturing it through their thoughts in various ways. There is a whole entire field of study dedicated to this truth called “Emotional Intelligence” and many extremely credible practitioners of this field are saying that emotional intelligence is actually much more important than IQ.

In this video I explain how to take control of your emotional states using a technique I learned through my certification as a strategic interventionist under Tony Robins and Cloe Madonna’s training center. This strategy is called, “The Triad of State,” check it out!

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