Byron Speaks

Byron Rodgers has been conducting public speaking since 2011 on multiple topics to multiple audiences around the world and would love to be a contributor at your next event, meeting, convention, or training operation.  

 Based on his real-world life experience, he’s consolidated a battery of topics that allow him to passionately, move and educate audiences to unlock their full potential in several areas.   


Subjects of mastery and contribution

The soft skills of personal safety

Byron is one of the world’s most recognized elite executive protection specialists and bodyguards
. He’s been protecting the 1% since 2008 in over 17 different countries which means he has been operating as a professional protector in some of the best and worst places on the planet. He is a civilian who has mastered the art of protecting other civilians and prides himself on being able to bring those very same skill sets of protection to individuals regardless of their walk of life to help them live a safer overall pattern of life. People think that protection is all about being a tough guy when in all actuality 90% of it has everything to do with what you see, how you move, and position yourself in the world. These are soft skills that will keep you out of harm’s way and greatly decrease the chances that you ever need to use the hard skills.


Executive protection/bodyguard topics

Byron is one of the most recognized educators in the executive protection/bodyguard industry. He’s helped hundreds of executive protection agents establish successful careers, led countless teams in the field to success all over the globe, and continues to make massive contributions to the industry. He can speak on various topics having to do with being a professional protector however, his favorites have to do with social dynamics of executive protection and talk of tactics that create winning teams called “field notes”. If you are planning an event in the private security space, Byron cannot only help you sell tickets, but he will give more value to those in attendance than they are probably bargaining for.


yron came from the Bahamas, raised lower middle class, joined the Marine Corps, and then became an entrepreneur. Since then, he’s been able to create six and seven figure companies and online brands. Organizing live events, memberships platforms, and an executive protection school, and the list goes on.


Byron’s ability to help those in attendance understand the process of finding their purpose and elevating their lives is one of the things that makes him most valuable to his coaching and counseling business. Byron has a Master’s degree in psychology and is a graduate of the Tony Robbins training center. The subject of deliberate reality and creationism is a topic he is very passionate about. This presentation will help people understand how his will makes real what his mind perceives to be ideal and ultimately this talk will reveal to your audience how they can do the same.

Finding meaning after the Military

Byron published this highly impactful book after exiting the Marine
Corps and then established himself at the top of the executive protection/bodyguard industry. This book is a training and service manual about how to deal with transition in life, and how to ensure that you cannot only rebuild but thrive in the next chapters of your life regardless of what you have gone through. Byron navigated his struggles by the grace of God and wrote this book and speaks about it at Veteran events to help contribute to the veteran community. And to outline the common pitfalls that all too often plague our veterans, and help them navigate them successfully. He shows them how to take control and leverage all of the tools and skills they gained during their military service. His work in this area has helped many people find their footing and has saved lives. 


Byron Rodgers grew up in a single-parent home with his mother primarily. As a young man, he had to learn how to overcome many of the scenarios and mindsets, that so many young men are facing today. Having through the grace of God formed into a highly successful, well-grounded, man of service and humility. He feels it is his duty to speak on the topic of masculinity because it is not very well understood with many distractions that are based around the ego, causing them to fail.

We are seeing a decline in society because of the quality of men. He believes that there is an epidemic in America of underdevelopment, and this is one of the primary sources of this turmoil. This talk outlines the value of men and defines healthy masculinity, the purpose of masculinity, and how we become strong… so to be of service to our tribes and communities. To make the world a safer place and harness their God-given abilities as healthy, strong, loving men


Whether it is Protection, privately, or professionally, purpose/deliver reality, creation, finding meaning in life or becoming a healthy fulfilled male. Byron rodgers has so much to give through the skill of dynamic oratory to the world, because of his God-given experiences in the development required to get to where he has a ride that on his personal path. If you would like to reach out to Byron directly for booking, please do so through the form below.


God bless and Semper Fi