Are you a strong man?
If you are strong, it is for a purpose your strength outlines your utility and maybe even your destiny. These words are not for boys or males which we have far too many of these days but rather for men and only truly strong man will understand and take nourishment from what I am about to say… because we live this.
You are strong to protect.
You are strong to nurture.
You are strong to take care of.
You are strong to cultivate.
You are strong to teach.
You are strong to provide.
You are strong because he who brings accountability and discipline must be the strongest.
You are strong to fight when fighting must be done.
You are strong to stand when no one else can.
You are strong to answer the calls that others cannot answer.
Your strong to bear the burden’s that they simply cannot carry.
You are strong to walk the paths that the rest can’t walk. To give strength to those who need it, to make the outcasts feel invited and to help those who cannot help themselves. You are strong to give your strength to those who have none… One day if it is required I pray that we will be strong enough even to give our very lives to those who need us when it matters most. because that’s what strong men were created for and it is simply what we do. We do it on a daily basis and we do it when it counts… Most people will never recognize, realize, understand, appreciate or acknowledge our sacrifice, the are like children. Ignorance truly is bliss and in many cases, the less the weak realize the better. All that matters is that you die with the respect of yourself and your God. A strong man doesn’t need anyone else’s approval or encouragement to do what he was created to do…
So I ask you … are you strong enough?
Are you a strong man?
One mind – many weapons


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