Are you stuck?
This is how you get unstuck. You take massive, consistent and aggressive action against the thing that is holding you up. You need to overwhelm your problem with activity and through that activity you will learn what does and does not work. So much of life is about getting into motion and achieving momentum. Many times the way we feel about a problem is what stops us from acting on it but the only way we will ever solve it is bye becoming intimately acquainted with the equation and in order to do that you must get close enough to smell its breath, you must challenge it on every side and in every way until you find it’s vulnerability. There is no equation, problem or situation on this planet that is insurmountable. You’re not in an impossible situation, you’re in a situation that you do not understand yet and in order to overcome you must fight until you can find a vulnerability and then strike the deathblow or Sacrifice your progress / momentum and die in the very place you are now hiding in. The problem is not actually what’s wrong because we will always have problems. What’s more important is simply the way you as an individual choose to deal with the adversities of your life and the lack of intellectual options it affords you as you keep your distance from things you don’t understand. When it comes to the opposition we must be aggressive by default and tap into a mode of heightened learning through sensitivity to our environment at the most intense moments of the battle.
One mind many weapons

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