Things move extremely quickly in this game… Executive Protection requires a sharp, decisive yet flexible mind. You will be faced with many decisions on a daily basis that can cost you your job and even your freedom, to say the least. Your tasked with planning, overseeing and conducting the movements of another human being while aiming to balance efficiency, comfort, and safety. You may or may not be an executive but you must perform in front of individuals who are very successful constantly which means you must be good enough at what you do to contribute to that social system 100% of the time. One seemingly small mistake, one wrong turn, one component that wasn’t properly planned for and their trust in you begins to fade… You are supposed to know everything, facilitate everything and conduct everything you’re asked for because you are the security in the equation. Like it or not, that’s how it is and those who are in the game, they know that the ball when fumbled must be picked up by the security detail. Whether it’s your job or not, we’ve got to make sure things get done right and that our client get where they are supposed to be or it’s our fault. However, it’s not about who’s fault it as much as it’s always about mission accomplishment. No excuses, just results and a consistent drive to do better and better next time, if we are all that lucky.
One mind – many weapons -Byron

Executive Protection Lifestyle & Bravo Research Group 

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