Every single day is a fight!
Every single day is a battle. Every single day is a day where you and I are faced with growing stronger and evolving or growing just a little bit weaker and fading into the darkness. It does not happen all at once, neither victory or defeat can really creeped up on you if you are living deliberately.
We fail the same way we win, simply step-by-step, day by day, moment by moment. Eventually circumstance rises up to either make us, break us and to reveal our true selves to us and the world… You can only hide for so long until the pattern of your character becomes clear. For me, I am a warrior and so it is only natural to fight every single day for what I believe and hope to create. Eventually when you become strong enough you will actually love the fight for what it teaches you and when it proves. To fail to do this would be to surrender and die the slow death that inevitably follows after a man has given up his honor… A death we see so many dying today.
Don’t go that way…. Do not go gently into that good night. Even if you don’t succeed the way that they think you should or the way you want to, there is so much honor in raging valiantly against the dying of the light. Make this world remember you, leave your mark, live with honor so you can die with honor and be remembered with honor as well. Do not let the hordes of circumstance drowned out your light without a fight.
One mind, many weapons – Byron

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