Life is life and we all face problems but what separates the successful from the unsuccessful is the tools we use to solve those problems.
What stifles most people is that the software and algorithm by which they are running their lives simply comes from their own microscopic experiential data… The most humble of us will take advice from other people within our direct sphere of influence which is still and inconsequentially small pool of information to draw from. What I find most stunning is that many people are trying to find answers to problems while continually going in circles of the same information and listening to people who have not solve those problems themselves.
We now live in the age of information which literally means that allowing a problem to stay in your life because you don’t know how to solve it is nothing more than laziness more procrastination. The real question is why are you allowing yourself to stay stuck on a deeper level.
Please realize and understand that you will win or lose in life based on the quality of the software you are running in your mind. You will rise or you will fall based on the quality of your understanding, your beliefs, your perspective, your perceptions and your ability to execute based on all of these internal components. This is why every religion tells you to work internally in order to affect your life externally. “Renew your mind.” This is why you go to school before you get a job and you take classes before you do anything of reasonable importance. Your situation is not your problem, your problem lies with the tools you are implementing to manage your situation. If you want to live a higher quality life you must make higher quality decisions which means that you must find high-quality information… If you fail to do this you will remain stuck on the same equation.
Happy endings are for hollywood, everything on this planet is moving towards entropy and extinction is the default to personal evolution. Get to work saving your own life because you are the only one who can and even then you will still need God’s grace.
Mind many weapons – Byron

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