People like to say that all you have to do to eventually become successful is keep on moving forward… That’s not true.
The thing standing between you and the achievement of your goals is not necessarily a consistent action but rather it is intelligence. Intelligence coupled with consistent action is how you evolve, transcend and progressively create the life you are aiming for. If you continue to act with out the growth that results from learning you will remain stuck. If you know the answers but do not apply them you are dead in the water. Faith without action is dead… In fact it’s not faith at all because faith is something that is made manifest through actions people take. Don’t just focus on trying again but focus on learning from your failures and trying more intelligently. That’s what will make the difference and that’s what will change the game, all anything is that we are faced with in life is an equation.
In private security we aim to solve problems before they happen. Inevitably we must solve them on the fly frequently but the big game is to create systems that mitigate them as we learn from our clients and situations continually. In this game if you don’t learn you will not last.
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