Another lesson from my good friend Chris to is a fantastic shooter came only moments later on that same range day. As you’ll see in my first volume of fire and as you have probably noticed in a number of my videos, I have a tendency to hide between my shoulders when firing my pistol. I think this comes from my combat mindset in many ways because I feel safer when I sink my head in between my shoulders because it can protect me from taking blows to the side of my head I like to think. I think it’s just a way of defending myself because my neck is shorter and more protected by my shoulders and whatnot. Nonetheless, as I’m always seeking to learn and improve on my combat skill set, I thought that this lesson was definitely worth enough consideration to share with all of you.

When firing any weapon it is absolutely integral for the shooter to build a high quality firing platform. One of the extremely important components to a high quality firing platform is simply your firing stance and what it is made of because the way you build your firing stance will contribute to its stability and your stability will impact your site alignment which will impact your site picture which will also impact your final-round placement. The lesson that Chris was driving home with me this time was simply that all of the tension in my shoulders is probably effecting my overall accuracy simply by consequence of using muscle primarily to build my firing stance.

As you’ll see in the video he shows me how to relax a bit more and use my skeletal structure in order to build a more firm, sturdy and steady firing stance. Simply because my muscles are flexing, my firing stance will have a tendency to be more shaky and less stable so relaxation is always important with regards to accuracy. In high stress situations as well as gaming situations, oxygen management is a factor that can greatly impact ones performance and survivability as well, so by being so tense and training myself to flex when firing, I will be spending more oxygen during that movement overall. For this reason I think it is importantant to learn to relax when doing most combative training.


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