This was definitely amongst my favorite appearances on any podcast!
With Rafa I instantly felt I could sense that I was in the company of a modern day warrior. I knew he’d understand me on deep levels that only Warriors can understand one another and the questions he asked me where designed to draw out those deep inner workings of me that would help others understand how to improve themselves on their personal paths to living the constantly evolving life. The “Man Of War“ brand is a brand I can actually get behind 100% because of the values they are standing for and contributing to our society just by doing the work they are doing.
Analyzing the mindsets, paradigms and values of modern


day warriors is so important during a time when society is giving into The corrosion of comfort, ease, fantasy, safe-spaces and politically correct but oppressive rhetoric.
During this podcast Rafa dives into parts of me that I actually have not visited for a very long time and you can hear it when he does. He also has me unpack the innerworkings and components of my past and current value system that drive me on the war path that I do my best to live every day.
I think that there is something in here for everyone, please check it out and also check out this podcast as a whole because they really have some good content. Go check it out!
One mind, many weapons
– Byron



Empowerment Strategist Byron Rodgers brings you Finding Meaning After The Military


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