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People look at their life and their situation, and they come at it with an opinion like, this is so good or this is so bad but I want to broaden your horizon, I want to contribute my paradigm

What do we really know about good and bad when it comes to circumstance? What do we know about evil? What do we know about right or wrong  beyond the realm of moral dilemma? 

God created the night, he probably even created the darkness. Where did evil even come from?

Lions do not hug antelopes to death

There seems to be this “necessary evil,” these this polar opposites, these two energies seem to be here on this planet

All I know is that, all these things are far too awesome for me, there’s too much for me to understand

What I try to do with my time on this planet is to do the best I can with what I have so when I’m faced with adversity, I’m able to look at the necessary evils that I encounter in a way that helps me use them to grow stronger… At the end of the day, does it really benefit us to believe otherwise?

The person you are today is going to have to die, you’re gonna have to lay him/her on the altar of hard work, of self-transcendence, of personal evolution, of self help and let them go; in order to become more by the Grace of God.

Those ideals, those decision-making skills, those experiences, those ideologies…. They’re what’s driving your decisions today

I feel so fortunate that when I was growing up, there was not really anyone there to help me consistently because then I learned that I had to go and do this thing myself between me and God… and that’s just the way life is no matter how we feel about it. Once I accepted that, I grew stronger and everything became easier. 

This is what I ask myself; Who would David be without Goliath? What would the day be without the night? What would heaven be without hell? How valuable would life be without death?

This is what I advise you to do, run into trials and adversities, face them! They’re there to teach you, how to be better

The only way you’re gonna trigger your adaptation response, the only way you’re gonna cause yourself to begin to evolve is to make evolution necessary

If you’re running from pain, it’s never going to be necessary to grow, if you’re running from adversity, evolution is probably never going to be something you need

So many people avoid adversity, so many people look at their life and they think they’re so unlucky for what’s going on

When what’s going on is literally from where you get the secret sauce, what’s going on is literally where you turn from a knight in a shining armour to a knight whose mettle has been tested

Every single person that has done anything great, you only remember them because of the trials and tribulations that they were able to overcome and what they were able to achieve despite those things or because of those things

Empowerment Strategist Byron Rodgers brings you Finding Meaning After The Military


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