I did not come here to sit back and watch life happen to me or for my destiny to be driven by circumstance. Sure I am a victim of those things that happen to me and fall upon me but I am also a Victor because of those things as well. What doesn’t kill me truly does make me stronger because I understand that what I believe about the things that have happened to me will dictate the eventual impact that those circumstances have in my life. Perception truly is reality in the long run. My perspective, my beliefs, and my actions drive my progress and success on the road to my destiny because I am the common denominator in everything that takes place in my life. You are the gravity within your world by the grace of God. We are dealt cards by something greater than us but our decisions are what truly make the hand we are dealt empowering or disempowering to us. To forget this truth and to believe that circumstances are dominating your human experience is to give up your almighty power to create the reality that was always supposed to be yours. All you have in this life is you’re will, your perspective and the choices you are able to make as a result in the battle to arrive at your destiny or to become a victim of your fate.
In the private security game, we aim to implement strategies that bend reality to our will and predict outcomes that will channelize circumstance to our advantage whenever possible. The reality is simply that we must always be flexible, versatile and be expecting the things that we cannot see in order to protect effectively. There is no crystal ball for this stuff only understanding how to build the structure tactically and get into the wondrous flow of reality. Executive protection is more than just a job… It’s a lifestyle Executive Protection Lifestyle REPRESENTING Bravo Research Group
Semper Fi – Do or die – Death before dishonor

Empowerment Strategist Byron Rodgers brings you Finding Meaning After The Military



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