Dead time is a side effect and a by-product of our society. You all remember “Hurry up and wait!” Now this is how you leverage the dead time to work to your advantage. At those moments when you’re at work or on your drive to work, begin doing something to get you closer toward finding your purpose. While everyone’s complaining and talking at the water cooler, you’re finding purpose, cultivating purpose, and making progress. How so?


The key is to continue constantly, taking daily action in the direction that you want to go in the same way you climb a mountain and in the same way you eat an elephant, one move at a time. Things as small as reading books, listening to audiobooks, sitting there and strategizing, visualizing, or talking about what it is you want to create are all moving you in the direction of your heart’s desires.


For me, it was audiobooks that changed my paradigm and set me free. As an executive protection agent, your time does not really belong to you, and as a result, you find yourself stuck in places, waiting around quite often—fourteen-hour flights, sitting outside various locations in a suburban, waiting for clients to get ready or to depart. I was blessed with quite a bit of dead time. So every chance I got, I simply popped in my earbuds and continued listening to audiobooks on personal growth, until eventually, my beliefs changed. The way I saw the world was different, the way that I problem-solved was different, the things I wanted to do with my life were different, and essentially, I was different. Through the information that I was digesting, I had deliberately and consciously evolved by reprogramming my mind.


Your perspective is always limited by how much you know. Expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind.

—Bruce H. Lipton


If you’re at work and you are listening to someone complain, then you are wasting dead time. Your drive to work in and of itself is a beautiful segment of dead time. Everyone gets a lunch break, and not every moment of the day requires your total attention. Those segments of time are yours to create the alternate future that will become your primary one. Any time that you are not being directly pressed to do something that requires all your attention is dead time. We all have it. Now it is your responsibility to leverage it, resurrect it, and transmute it into something useful.


I listen to audiobooks as I get dressed for work every day, and it has changed my life. I prefer audiobooks, because in all reality, most of us don’t have time to sit down and give 100 percent of our attention to a book and read. Audiobooks are like simply downloading information to listen to while you go about your business. At first, you will not have a very long attention span, but you will be patient the more you practice listening. With audiobooks, the longer you listen to them, the more information you will remember. At first, it will seem like you’re not remembering any of it, but the reality of the situation is that the information is getting deep inside you, and before not too long, you will surprise yourself with what you know and remember. Your subconscious remembers everything that has ever happened to you in life. You are evolving, learning, and growing every day whether you know it or not, which is why this works and why it is so important to be at least somewhat deliberate about what you are putting in your mind every day as life goes on.


This is the age of information, and you can more accurately learn about most things by going on the Internet and listening to some audiobooks, then you can learn by going to college because of the rate that things are changing and evolving in the world today. You can learn literally anything you need to learn about in today’s society just by simply hopping on YouTube or downloading the right audiobooks.


Let’s try something; visualize a circle in your mind. Make sure it is a perfect sphere. Next, take out a sheet of paper and a pen in order to draw this circle in front of you. How did it come out? Is the sphere on the paper as perfect as the one in your mind? As you endeavor to educate yourself through learning, making progress, taking action on your dreams, and resurrecting dead time, you are literally creating the skills necessary to be able to draw and manifest the dream you see as already completed in your mind, just like the circle. This is how everything that is within our physical world has gotten here. Everything that you see in the room with you that is used on a daily basis was first created within the unseen realm of conception or thought. This is an energetic realm of existence, and the process by which things come from the energetic nonphysical realm into this physical realm is through the acquisition of the appropriate materials, situations, opportunities, and formulas. All those components are driven by belief, because without belief, no one would have done what was necessary to create them and manifest them here in the physical.


From the book “<a href="http://members more tips” target=”_blank”>Finding Meaning After The Military“