Ready for anything, hoping for the best while strategizing endlessly. The security professionals mind should be constantly flowing with strategy and thinking ahead almost like a never-ending kata or running river. We live in the hypothetical, we exist mostly for the theoretical and we collect a paycheck essentially for the just in case. It’s a very interesting dynamic living in a state of mind where you seek to bend what’s normal as often as possible to prepare and accommodate what is hypothetical. To us, the hypothetical must be just as real as everything else. 99.99% of the time nothing happens and it is only human to recalibrate ones thought processes to match their environment in order to maintain a measure of inner and outer homeostasis. Don’t do that!

Remember what we learned before comfort was so important. Nothing will bring you closer to destruction then comfort. Complacency still kills. We are surrounded by individuals who do not understand our world, they do not possess the luxury of knowing how quickly everything can change forever. It is literally ours to think the way we think and be the way we are in service of them on a daily basis. Maintaining that edge/mindset is what we literally get our check for but never forget that what ensures that we continue to get that check has more to do with our ability to render comfortable, useful service that “they” can appreciate simultaneously. I think that the security professionals mind should always be cool and calm no matter what, while also being as active in the consideration of strategy and for thought as an ant farm or hornets nest. We plan for the worst and hope for the best while maintaining a very in control, approachable, professional demeanor. This is something I’ve always appreciated about the truly great agents I’ve worked with.

Empowerment Strategist Byron Rodgers brings you Finding Meaning After The Military