“And you will know them by their fruits”


Look in the mirror, look at the fruit of your life and get to know your real self!

When you look in the mirror what do you see?

You see your standards… You see your fruit.

When you look at your home, you see your standards and your fruit.

When you look in your bank account, you see your fruit.

When you look in your relationships, you see more about your standards in your fruit.

Many people go through life unconsciously experiencing in creating these things but my goal is to help everyone consciously create their own reality.

What does your fruit say about you, your standards and who you truly are?

Who knows you better than you?

Whose responsibility is it to tell you the truth? Who does your life depend on?

I think it’s extremely important to be able to effectively absorb positive and negative data from your environment in order to make the proper course corrections. But one thing I think is more important than all of this is to judge yourself daily. Only you know how good you are really doing, how much more you could have done, how much more you can do etc. I think what holds most people back is an incessant habit of lying to themselves and making it okay to have low standards because of whatever story there telling themselves.

If we hope to be successful we must judge ourselves harder than anyone and anything else in our environment. If you ever want to change something you must first understand the reality of that thing accurately and secondarily you must be able to take responsibility for the components of that thing that you want to change in reality. With these two elements accuracy and responsibility you inherit the power to change things. Because you can’t change anything you cant take responsibility for.

There’s a reason that this was a ancient Greek axiom,

“Man know thyself”

The trick however is to judge yourself without condemning yourself! The judge is simply to assess and take in accurate information concerning something. To condemn something is to turn your back on that thing and deem that thing evil. The goal is to know reality, know your results, know whom you truly are based on your actions and then make course corrections. If you cannot judge yourself without getting caught up into the right and wrong of it you will always be stuck in an emotional cycle of inner psychic pressure comprised of guilt, insecurity and frustration because no one is truly perfect.

Love yourself enough to be hard on yourself because in reality you’re the only one who can save your own life.

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