No one loves you enough to be as hard on you as you actually need to be on yourself in order to get considerable result from your endeavors.

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For me self-love is self-discipline. You got to LOVE yourself enough, to be hard on yourself.

Nothing will bring you closer to destruction than COMFORT.

No one loves you enough to be as HARD on yourself as you NEED to be, to get the result from your endeavors.

I have to become so much MORE than I am today!

You need harsh strong truth, you need masculine DISCIPLINE and structure and standards, but yes, you also need the feminine comfort and acceptance too.

The reality is you’re not going to get where you NEED to go by telling yourself that you did well.

Only you LOVE yourself enough to be hard enough on yourself and to get where you need to go.

Did you come to this planet by the grace of GOD to be on social media all day? Or are you actually going to get some stuff done too?

I have to be up on my own GRILL all day long.

We all need to GROW so much, to be the people, that we truly want to be on our deepest levels.

Let us be the people, that we’re going to RESPECT at the end of the day, when the curtains close.

I don’t think it is fruitful to really FOCUS on the things other than yourself and your God.

Sometimes you WIN, sometimes you LEARN. So, put your best boats in the ocean…. maybe there’ll be a storm, or maybe not. It could even be a great day in the ocean!

The harder you WORK, the luckier you get.

LOVE yourself enough to scrutinize yourself, to punish yourself, to discipline yourself, to punch yourself in the face and keep yourself on track.

Love yourself enough to DENY yourself of momentary pleasures.

Love yourself enough to be HARD on yourself!!!

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