You either have it or you don’t… The hunger. To be entirely honest, I haven’t truly figured out what it is yet. What it is that drives some of us to want more, to fight for more, to never give up and to relentlessly strive for excellence. Maybe it is our ethos and code of ethics, maybe it is our values? Maybe it’s the faith we have in creating a future that is compelling and motivating enough to keep us in action? Maybe it’s simply that we are so afraid of what will happen and who we will become if do not reach for excellence? Maybe what pushes us is the love we have for those who are depending on us, those who believe in us and those who are counting on us to win? I don’t truly know what it is that drives people like me and I’m sure it’s a number of things but what I do recognize, admire and thank God for every day as I get up at 4 AM; is The insatiable hunger that burns deep within my belly, rattling my bones every day to become the man I was created to be and manifest the things into this world that I was sent here to foster and create. Everything we see in the world was created twice, once in the mind and a second time only if The person who dreamed it had what it took to bring it into reality. Reality creation is man’s alternant endeavor and the drive to do so truly supernatural.

One mind, many weapons -Byron

Empowerment Strategist Byron Rodgers brings you Finding Meaning After The Military


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