Everyone sees the outer shell, they judge the shell, work hard on the shell and rightfully so because it’s very important. However I do think what is most important has more to do with the software running the outfit. Yes we want to be physically fit, yes we want to have the relative tools for the task at hand. But without the proper software the tools matter less and less.
Ask yourself, am I emotionally fit for success? Can I handle the rigors and relentless pressure required to foster true organic growth of evolution/self transcendence?
Knowing the path and walking the path are two different things. The idea of growing is much more seductive than the act of it.
Am I psychologically fit to rise to the occasion and let go of what I think I know in order to grasp what I still have yet to learn on the road to my own grater destiny and purpose and future? I must destroy myself in order to rebuild myself in so many ways in order to succeed. Am I wise enough to realize that my opinions are simply my own theories relative to circumstance and experience which is less then a grain of sand in the vast perspective of universal truth.
Lastly, do I have the physical fitness, stamina, strength and agility to deliver on the promises that I make and responsibilities that come with the roles I play for those who count on me both professionally and domestically?
Be honest with yourself… then… Use the power you’ve been given which is the most amazing component of human life and choose to do things to make yourself better. That is the most noble thing for a human being to do in my opinion by Gods grace. No one has actually arrived and those who think they have are missing the mark far worse than the rest of us. The shell does matter but it’s only as good as the man wearing it.

One mind many weapons

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