Stop looking for your friends and family to validate your dream. Your friends and family know you as you are and used to be, with all of your shortcomings, quirks, and inadequacies. This is why a Profit is without honor in his own home. Most of the people who are around you care greatly about you and are afraid to watch you go through the inevitable process of self transcendence. This is a process that literally requires the current version of you to die. In order to be successful you will have to sacrifice who you are today for who you were always destined to become. In the pressure cooker and crucible of the process you will be destroyed and rebuild differently. It’s not their dream so they can’t see it and they also don’t really know what your truly capable of.
So….. Get to work, hurry up and start failing so you can learn, grow, re-calibrate and generate more value. Because only then will you find your tribe, the people you were designed to feed, shelter, liberate and who were designed to validate the gift you are here to give the world. As you mature, grow and evolve the game of destiny becomes less about appeasing the tribe bound to you by blood and more about feeding, discovering and cultivating the tribe that’s bound to you by purpose. In the end you belong to both but most people never discover the second one. And it is the second one that will truly validate you in the gift that you are here to give the world.
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