There is a voice inside of you that is calling to you, it’s pointing things out to you on a regular basis to do that will change your life. The thing is it’s asking you to do are challenging and they are different from the things that you are currently doing now but they are the types of things that are required to take your life to the next level. They are the types of things that will force you to grow into the type of person you were originally sent here to be. They are the types of things that have to do with your truest hearts desires and your personal authenticity. If you can do these things, if you can even only start to do these things and make progress, you will unlock a part of you that means everything not only to you but also to your loved ones and most importantly to the world. The greatest discovery you can make in this lifetime is the discovery of who and what you truly are by the grace of God. The ultimate in validation, fulfillment and lasting happiness that rightfully belongs to you resides on the other side of your ability to give the gift you were sent here to create to the world. What fulfillment is there in a seed that never brings forth the fruit of its potential and never unlocks it’s divine, supernatural destiny? .
One mind many weapons

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Empowerment Strategist Byron Rodgers brings you Finding Meaning After The Military