What brings you to life?
What makes you tick? What is the one thing that you could do in life that would be meaningful enough to define you? Many people don’t know what it is, they don’t know where their passion lies and therefore it is impossible for them to find their purpose. Not knowing the answer to these questions however is still not a quality problem because you can easily find out by chasing the things you are interested in. If you simply begin doing the things that you love more and more you’ll find out what you truly love and what you don’t. There are simply deeper reasons why people don’t pursue their passions. They generally do not believe. They don’t believe in themselves and they don’t believe they can create a reality where their life revolves around the things they love. They believe that the things they love and their ability to contribute to the world through these things will be to insignificant to garner adequate compensation to run their lives. This is understandable and realistic but shortsighted I believe.
The reality of going after what you love in life is that it makes life worth living. It improves the quality of every day you spend on this planet. This journey is so much less about reaching your goal as much as it’s about discovering who you are while maintaining a relationship with your purpose that is always changing anyway.… This way of life is not necessarily about making it in the conventional understanding of success. This way of life is about bringing passion, love, happiness, confidence, self-awareness and personal value into your human experience. The road to your own greater destiny purpose and future will pay you back far more in priceless valuables than it ever will financially even if you become a billionaire. It will also do this much faster as you learn to fall in love with the journey rather than the destination because after you have achieved a few goals you realize something… Once you get there it will just be time to go somewhere else. “No heart has ever suffered when it goes in search of its dreams, because every second of the search is a second’s encounter with God in eternity to him.
—Paulo Coelho

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