Here are some of the quotes from this power-packed video :

“Amateurs spend money on Hardware, professionals spend money on software.” I am not sure who said it first but man it has so many different parallels!

You can tell a lot about a person just in one glance. When I look at you, I see your standards. When I look at your physical fitness, I see your standards, when I look at your cleanliness I see your standards, If I look in your bank account I will see your standards and when I look at your mate, your standards also can be seen there.

People do not  get what they want, people get what they have to have and so when I look at how much you’re spending on your gear,  it’s obvious that you’re serious but maybe you’re focusing on the wrong things… Just my 2c. 

I think that many in the Executive Protection Industry are training for the wrong fight. If you don’t know the soft skills that you need to survive this game socially, then your career will be short-lived.  This is how many “operators” lose in the private sector regardless of their tactical prowess…

The second you get on to an executive protection detail, you’re going to land in an ecosystem of social dynamics and you need to be able to navigate that environment effectively

The considerations that help guys last in this industry has way less to do with hard skills and way more to do with soft skills.  This is why on my blog everything is separated “hard skills”, “soft skills” etc. so as I continue writing agents will be able to learn both.

 I truly believe that many more agents would be much more successful and the industry would be much more competitive if they focused on their social dynamics, customer service and flexibility / versatility rather than combat tactics. While combat tactics are extremely important and may save lives in the right settings, being able to build these tactics into a VIP civilians life workflow is truly what sets good agents apart from the rest in my personal experience.

If you really want to survive in the Executive Protection industry and render a work product that is going to help you stay in the game, then study your soft skills, invest in your own brand of individual capital by learning and reading books so that when you open your mouth you have something of value to say.  Learn how to navigate social environments in a way that will lend credibility to both your brand as well as your client’s brand and especially the company you’re working for.  

Be consistent, dependable and of good integrity  because tactics can be taught but character is an entirely different story. If you can do these things  than a career in the private sector is a very realistic probability for you.

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