You can’t outperform your vision. You can’t outperform you are self-concept. Your vision is based on what you think you can create, what do you think you’re capable of and what you think you deserve.
You will fight for what you know is rightfully yours in this life but nothing more.
You will try to acquire the things you want and if it doesn’t work out then at least you tried most people would say but when it comes to the things you know you deserve it’s a completely different story because then it’s s fight to the death.
This is why your self-concept is so important. This is why purifying and perfecting your self through discipline on a daily basis is the foundation for all great deeds. As you cultivate more and more value within yourself by loving yourself enough to discipline yourself. You get to know yourself better, see yourself grow stronger and understand intimately the value that you not only possess but are also working towards and as that value increases and becomes more and more real to you, you are then more and more empowered to fight for the things that become rightfully yours as you evolve. Confidence comes from experience and discipline gives you the experiences necessary to know your own value. If you have a weak self-concept, then you will have a weak vision relative to what you believe that weak version of yourself deserves. You can listen to all the self-help books you want and all the people telling you that you’re doing a good job in the world and nothing will help you. If you want to change this you must go find your discipline by the grace of God and submit to the rigors of the purification, transmutation and self-transcendence processes of life and success.
If you cannot do this, you will not live your legend.
One mind, many weapons -Byron

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