It is your personal duty to be hard on yourself. It is your personal duty not to be content with the person you are today. You owe it to the rest of the world to become the BEST you can be! The world needs you to give your best but no one’s going to get you there but you.… Self-acceptance… Everything must be in balance but I value self-awareness and self-discipline much more because both of those things lead to a much more valuable version of self-acceptance that I hear eluded to, in most of our cultural rhetoric. Never forget that there is a process of purification and transmutation that stands between you and the glory you can attain by the grace of God if you can work hard enough to evolve into the person you are eventually meant to be. If you were to be given your blessing before completing your process and developing your strength, it would actually destroy you. So work hard, realize that it’s not over when you fail but only when you quit. To walk away from the painful process of your development is to walk away from your destiny.
Semper Fi – do or die – death before dishonor

Empowerment Strategist Byron Rodgers brings you Finding Meaning After The Military