⚜️At this point, you’ve been alive for a while and you have gotten the results you have based on the types of decisions you’ve been making. What would happen if you deliberately started making decisions and building habits to move you exactly in the direction you like to go so you can end up where you wanna be in five years. Changing your life does not happen overnight. You get skinny the same way you get fat, Bite by bite. You become rich the same way you stay poor, decision by decision.

Discipline never lasts, it’s a tool used to move us from habit to habit. The more discipline the more high-quality the habit hopefully. Ultimately your habits make up your life and place you on the trajectory to your fate or destiny.

Choose a high-quality habit, choose to do it no matter what for the next 90 days and watch your life improve… it’s just 90days, Try it!

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