It is time to press on. It is time to push harder than ever before. It’s time to find the limits within your current world end to expand your reality, find the edge of this planet. Push all boundaries until you break something. Push yourself, push your team in the direction of expansion this year.

What’s interesting is that as you push yourself to the point of exhaustion you will find that you are rejuvenated and you will be charged up, built through a counterintuitive alchemical process. Rush into the death of who you are today in exchange for the life you will lead as you become the person you were created to be.

Sacrifice yourself on the altar of hard work this year. Productivity is the philosopher stone. In order to hit the targets before you, you will need a deliberation not yet found, something you have not yet mastered but is a necessity if you’re going to win. Difficulty is nothing. Challenges, nothing. Feel nothing in the belly of adversity outside of your drive to advance and a dedication to work equation until you solve it. Calmly and deliberately march steadily towards the accomplishment of your goals, completely emotionally detached and somewhat disassociated. Save your emotions for useful things. Difficulty is Providence on this journey for how else will you become stronger, smarter, better?

Pain is a beautiful part of the process failure is our most valuable and faithful teacher. Victory is treacherous but above all we must be strictly conscious and deliberate to learn, grow and evolve through it all. In the end you will not die, you will only get stronger. However when you are on this path of unlocking your potential and you do perish… it will be a good death because you lived a life that was worth it. Don’t let the grace we have ben given to LIVE be in vain in 2021. let’s ALL WIN THIS YEAR!

“That which will give light must indoor burning“ – Victor Frankel

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