⚜️This was a fun range day where I brought out a few of the weapon systems I don’t usually practice with. For a shotgun, I ran the Bonelli M4 and for a rifle, I brought out my primary weapon systems pistol caliber carbine Period it was fun shooting the shotgun but to be honest I really had a good time shooting my PCC gun.

For those of you looking for something to take your home defense game to the next level check out primary weapon systems PCC rifles. In my opinion, a pistol caliber carbine is probably one of your best home safety options because a 9 mm with some extra rifling behind it is even more effective but still not too over penetrating.
Having a rifle facilitate firing a pistol around is a pretty powerful combination. Not to mention overall around capacity as well as the stability of the weapon system… It’s a fantastic choice to defend your home with. If you’re going with primary weapon systems then use my code “byron“ for 10% off.

⭕️ Primary Weapons Systems

I make nothing from the sales but truly believe in this company, their reliability, and the quality of their product. Lastly, the shotgun is always good to have but I prefer handing a pistol caliber carbine to the women and children as it’s less cumbersome, carries a higher ground capacity, and is very easy to be accurate with. Nonetheless, I had fun busting rust and running all of these weapons once again during the stay at the range.

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