In this video, I’ll be sharing my review of the 511 Atlas Shoes, as I’ve been using them for a few months now. I have compared the Atlas Shoes with the Nike Air Max 270. The Nike shoes had been my everyday shoes, they’re light, comfortable and their sleek designs blend them in, with any of my outfits. However, with time, I started noticing some of its disadvantages. They’re not really insulated, so doesn’t protect my toes very well when it’s cold outside, they get dirty easily, and it shows as they’re black. They also have less overall total protection.

All in all, great shoes in ideal conditions, but if you’ve got to consider your climate, your environment, then you might have to give them a second thought.

Then, I switched over to the 511 Atlas tactical shoes. And I’ve been wearing these stylish shoes ever since I’ve got them. I really love its sleek athletic look, unlike the other boxy tactical shoes.

They come with a hard insert, that you can keep in, when you’re hiking on rugged surfaces, and remove it when you’re just using the shoes for casual purposes. They’re also lightweight, maybe a bit heavy than the Nike Airmax but what I appreciate about these shoes is the tactical advantages of this boot.

I would, however, recommend that you get 2 pairs of these shoes, one that can be used in the range and the other for your everyday business.

The Atlas 511 is by far, my favorite shoe right now. Its grooved sole creates a strong grip, which ultimately gives me balance and steadiness while wearing ’em. This is going to be my EDC, my everyday shoe for a long time.

I hope you found this video helpful.

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