The 511 LV10 Sling Pack is one of my all-time favorite daypacks! The bag was modeled after a camera bag so it looks sleek, is very comfortable, and can fasten to your body in case you have to do something athletic or dynamic in nature.

When you spin back around it creates a perfect little shelf free to rest your hands on top of and build a shot with your camera or just simply to get something out of. When I need to have a lower profile utility bag as an actual camera bag and I keep a high-powered camera with me so I look much more like an actual tourist.

I like the GoPro strap in the front where it almost seems like they made the strap for this purpose. The pocket configuration is very intuitive and organized with all of the different external power sources, wires, medical equipment, communication gear, and other EDC items I need to do the job for that day.

I absolutely love the water pouch on the bottom side and how it can hold onto my water source because it’s totally adjustable. When it’s time to pick up speed, go hands-on or hiking, jumping a fence, or if the crowd is pressing in on us, I can use the secondary strap too since it’s tied strongly to my body so it doesn’t slow me down. I also really like the big padded strap that goes over your shoulder because it redistributes the weight of that single strap making it even more comfortable.

If you guys are looking for a new low-profile, ultra-durable day pack that can keep up with you and not draw too much attention, check out the 511 LV10 sling bag!

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– Byron

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