There has never been a better time to join the private security industry as an executive protection professional. The industry is expanding exponentially and there are more working opportunities than ever before. The forecast is simply that things will continue this way and as a result, we employers have been looking for high-quality manpower. The private security industry is one of the fastest-growing professional spaces in the world.

As fear and uncertainty increase, so does the demand for competent protectors. Our industry is going through a bit of a renaissance and experiencing exponential growth.

The thing that kills me is that there are people going into hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt in order to make a living every single day. They get tied down by gigantic student loans for the next quarter of their lives to work in an office for just decent compensation in many cases.

In this industry, there is a place for everyone. Some positions do require you to have an extensive background in military and law-enforcement realms but most of the industry requires you to attend a solid Executive Protection school and then acquire on-the-job training. Many positions offer considerable compensation in fact I would say above average compensation for what most industries pay.

I started out in 2018 making $85,000 per year on a full-time travel team. After benefits and Perdiem, it came out to just about a six-figure income for a 21-year-old.

I share that with you all just to help you see that the $2000 to $5000 investment that most of these schools are asking for to train you for a new career may actually be a lot of money to you right now but it is an investment in your future. In my opinion, it sure beats going to school for four years and being in debt for the next quarter of your life only to make relatively the same or less doing something that’s maybe not as interesting to you if you’re reading this blog.🤷🏽‍♂️

If you can take your life from where it is now to a place where you have a solid career, doing something maybe more interesting, in an industry that is only going to get better. And make you enough money to live comfortably, would it be worth it?

There are many different awesome schools in our industry with well-respected lineages for you to take advantage of. You’ll find details for mine below and I look forward to hopefully shaking your hand, training with you, and building our careers together as we continue to stay in contact at the league of executive protection specialists. 💥BOOM!



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