AARON has become a good friend as I’ve recently joined forces with him and CAA USA. I’m really excited about working with this company because I know that the MCK they produce is a hidden gem within the tactical community. When it comes to you taking your firearms to the next level, empowering people who maybe less physically potent with a system that can help them protect themselves more easily and a number of other things that piece of equipment is tremendous.

Aaron works for that company but upon getting to know him better and learning about his background both with swat and gang units as a police officer, It became obvious very quickly that he had a tremendous amount of experience to share with all of us. There’s quite a bit for all of us to take into consideration from his experiences out in the field. Both physically and mentally when it comes to combative engagements Aaron has been through it and has come out even stronger.

It’s always very encouraging to me when I see guys with legitimate backgrounds join forces with tactical companies because it means they really believe in the product. There’s no way we would stand behind something we wouldn’t trust our lives with and when you have the background you tend to have the conviction to make sure that is the case. This is an eye-opening interview with lots of stories about the world experience and tools that work out in the field… Enjoy!

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Protector by nature and by trade
Byron Rodgers

00:59 – Introduction
04:35 – The litmus test of a firearm
13:30 – The problems are what you ’em
24:33 – Making new connections
41:07 – The thing that people don’t tell you
50:54 – The major advantage of experienced protectors
01:03:53 – Advise to the civilians
01:24:39 – Stopping the threat
01:39:40 – End Credits

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