Alex Turner is a client-focused performance mobilizer with considerable experience in business operations and team leadership. His professional focal points include operations management, performance development, project planning/coordination, sales strategy/business growth, armed security measures, team leadership, client relations and customer service.

The thing I like about him most however is his heart. He truly does value connection with people, He values relationships and people like this make all the difference. He truly desires to render honorable service to his client,s principals and shareholders and that really stands out. He may not have a military or law-enforcement background but he does his job with the pride of a professional athlete and that is felt. It’s been an honor and privilege to work with Alex in the ways that I have and I’m looking forward to watching him serve those who believe in him with excellence for years to come. I’m sure I will see him at the top of this game one day.

Currently, he is running both a private security business as an independent contractor and a performance training firm that specializes in incorporating physical fitness into firearms skills development. As a Private Security Professional, he has a history of overseeing large-scale teams of personnel, inventory, and loss prevention efforts to develop and implement people, property, and information protection programs.

His company Citadel Performance Training integrates his experience as a sports performance program director and an arms dealer, providing physical fitness regimes that empower clients to perform better with firearms and be their own best defender.

Bringing him on the show was a no-brainer because I believe his story speaks to so many agents who are trying to find their way in the industry. If you’re looking to hear more about how to achieve success in our industry and gain the attention of a specific target demographic of a client, then listen up this episode is for you.

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