Confidence is self-trust. Confidence comes from experience in order to have that confidence you must constantly be working on yourself. As soon as you get on that path the sooner you become strong enough to stand on your own, fight alone and soar higher than the other birds. But make no mistake, you can’t fake these attributes… People will see straight through you and the betas will eat you alive.

In order to be the man you’ve got to become the man and that requires facing yourself, sacrificing weaker versions of yourself, conquering yourself, and leading yourself into battle with yourself in order to become the best version of yourself every single day. That’s how you become worthy of serving the pack through righteous leadership.

The hardest person to face, your most formidable adversary is the one inside of your heart and mind. When you master that, all of the fights outside of you become almost inconsequential. Others will try to judge you and try to categorize you but if they weren’t there when you put in the work to become the person you have become that their opinions truly won’t matter. They can help you grow but they will not negatively impact your identity and that’s the difference.

This is the path of the righteous leader who makes sure he maintains integrity with himself, his God, his responsibilities, and his destiny and it’s the path I hope we are all striving to get on. But never forget… There are levels to this stuff so be patient with yourself, do your best, don’t take yourself too seriously, and be willing to sacrifice everything you think you know when you see that it’s time to evolve and one day you will have become that Alpha. It will be an honor but not because it’s what you were seeking but because it’s something that has taken place over the course of your faithful journey. The betas will look at you and wonder how you’ve done it and only the wisest of them will see that the path to true internal power is directed through the crucible of humility, vulnerability, sacrifice, and hard work… There are no shortcuts and this is why many just choose to pretend.
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