California range weekend is going to be out of this world. The talent that Antonio is bringing out into one place is something I don’t think has been done in California on the range ever before. California is an interesting place to be a gun owner because while we have some of the strictest rules we actually have one of the best gun cultures in the United States here. We have so many talented world-class high-level shooters and a number of venues to do things but the community is a bit fragmented and spread out so this weekend is an amazing opportunity to bring us all together in one place under one roof.

Antonio I believe is definitely on the right track putting this event together and based on what it looks like going into this… This event is only going to get bigger and better and be here for a long time. During this interview, we are going to the specifics about California range weekend and we also get to know Antonio on a deeper level. Antonio is simply another example of what one man can do if he has the faith and balls to step out and go after his dreams… I love stories and conversations like this, there is something in here for everyone.

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